Danganronpa 3 × Sengoku Asuka ZERO collaboration event

Japanese mobile game 戦国アスカZERO (Sengoku Asuka ZERO) is currently doing a collaboration event with Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School. I decided to try out the game to see what the event was about.

Warning: Spoilers for the first and second Danganronpa games below.

Upon booting up the game, you're greeted with the firing of a truth bullet, smashing a statement before leading to the above title screen. The Danganronpa main menu BGM plays, and every now and then Monokuma runs across the screen. Heck, even the app launching icon currently has Monokuma on it.

As with many Japanese mobile games, Sengoku Asuka ZERO features teams of (female) characters you can obtain from events and gachas which for the most part automatically do the fighting, leaving you to execute special moves at the right moments. For this Danganronpa collab, there are currently 7 obtainable character cards:

  • From gacha:
    • [Swimmer] Aoi Asahina ★5
    • [Gamer] Chiaki Nanami ★6
    • [Despair] Junko Enoshima ★6
    • [Detective] Kyoko Kirigiri ★5
    • [Health Committee Member] Mikan Tsumiki ★5
  • From event quests:
    • [Light Music Club Member] Ibuki Mioda ★5
  • From logging in:
    • [Fashion Girl] Junko Enoshima ★4

As expected, the character's titles all match their Super High School / Ultimate titles (I've left the titles above as the Japanese versions). Notice how ★6 Junko's title is a casual walking spoiler — there's more of that coming later.

On the whole, the collab is quite well done. The event quest area plays Danganronpa BGMs, with the actual battle BGM being the Discussion -HEAT UP- music from the class trials. The obtainable characters have original art to suit the game, and Reddit even points out that Chiaki's mole is present in the card artwork. But most of all, I liked seeing the characters in battle and having them execute their special moves.

Aoi's special move is ドーナツ差し入れ!("Gift of donuts!"), which damages an enemy and provides a healing effect to 1-3 allies. The animation is best summarised as an explosion of donuts.


Ibuki's special is 君にも届け ("From Me to You Too"), which is Ibuki's original song from the second game. Ibuki rocks out for a bit, damaging 1-3 enemies whilst doubling the attack of 1-2 allies.


Kyoko's special is それは違うわ!, which is Naegi's "No that's wrong!" with the feminine "wa" at the end. On top of damaging an enemy it also delivers a paralysis and depression effect to enemies in range. I think the animation for this one is particularly cool, as it puts Kyoko and the enemy behind witness stands whilst a cursor silences white noise, culminating with the firing of a truth bullet.


★6 Junko's special is just casual spoilers. For starters, the special is called おしおきタイム ("Punishment time"), opening with Monokuma's iconic pounding of a gavel on a big red button.


Spikes then pop up to mimic Mukuro's death, damaging 1-3 enemies, before Monokuma rushes straight into one of the enemies to deliver instant death.


The animation ends with a pixellated "GAME OVER" appearing on-screen.

By the way, did I mention that this collab also features voice acting by the actresses behind these characters? There's something oddly satisfying about hearing "Oshioki ta~imu!" as this splash screen appears at the start of the special:


★4 Junko's special is also called おしおきタイム ("Punishment time"), but it's much less flashy. 1-3 Monokumas run in from the left to damage and burn enemies.

Unfortunately I don't have screenshots for the remaining characters, but their specials (according to this wiki) are:

  • Chiaki: チートコード ("cheat code"), damage + burn a front enemy, damage + confuse a rear enemy, and provide protection against 3 specific weapon types.
  • Mikan: いたいのいたいのとんでいけ! ("Bye Bye Ouchies!"), damage + petrify a high attack enemy, as well as poison + confuse + curse 1-3 enemies.

I actually did a reset after being dissatisfied with gacha results, so the above screenshots are from my second playthrough. I'd go on a リセマラ (reset marathon), but unfortunately I don't have that much time, and despite not getting the character I really want (Chiaki) I'm happy to call it quits at getting ★6 Junko. I got Mikan on my first playthrough, and I can say that her animation involves throwing a giant syringe at the enemy.

I'm not sure whether I'll continue playing after the event is over, but at the very least I'll be glad to have an account where a team of Danganronpa characters with cool animations can take down enemies.