SDVX Official -NEMSYS- Controller and Scalping

A user on /r/bemani posted a link to an exorbitantly priced SOUND VOLTEX CONSOLE -NEMSYS- Ultimate Model controller on Japan's Yahoo Auctions (via Buyee).

This is the official SOUND VOLTEX controller which took preorders around April to June 2017, made to accompany the release of the PC port SOUND VOLTEX III (e-AMUSEMENT CLOUD). The controllers were limited to 1 per person and sold at ¥34,800 (¥37,584 with taxes). This is rather expensive if you compare it to the cheaper controllers offered by places like gamo2 or Virgoo, but isn't too far off when compared to the higher-end options.

The Yahoo Auctions opening price, however, is... ¥69,800. Ouch! I thought I'd take a look around myself, and there's even one asking for ¥79,800 (!) you can see in the above screenshot.

It's no surprise that these controllers are being scalped — after all, they're official goods for a popular game that are non-trivial to obtain from outside Japan. And I do mean that last part — KONAMI STYLE only accepted credit cards for this item, but not all types of cards were accepted. Furthermore, due to the 1-per-customer purchasing limit, many proxy shopping sites weren't able to help you if another customer had requested the controller before you.

And the reason I know that is... I'm here nervously awaiting a pre-ordered controller myself, seriously hoping that the site I ended up going with turns out to be OK...