[Unboxing] SOUND VOLTEX CONSOLE -NEMSYS- Ultimate Model (Official SDVX Controller)

It took a while, but it finally arrived! This is the official SOUND VOLTEX controller for use with SDVX CLOUD.

First off, a huge shout-out to Japan Goods Finder, which is the proxy shopping service I ended up going with for this item. Admittedly they weren't my first choice and aren't necessarily the cheapest option, but I came across them after failing to purchase the controller from a bunch of other proxy shopping sites (there was a one-per-customer limit on this item). However, JGF's customer service was great, and from a sample size of one experience I'd consider using them again for hard-to-obtain items like this.

The package I received was actually a bit different from the above photo — JGF told me they thought the original box looked a bit fragile, so they sent the original box inside a bigger, stronger box:


I blurred the shipping slip but you get the point.

Here's the inside of the original box:


You can see an issue of Metropolis magazine in there. Given that it's an English magazine, I'm fairly sure that it was a bonus sent by JGF rather than Konami. In fact, I'm certain it was JGF because that's not the only extra they added to the box.


Some online shopping sites give free items like packets of tissues or bookmarks. It looks like JGF went with a strong matcha KitKat — given the prominence of unusual KitKat flavours in Japan, I think sending a KitKat was an interesting choice.

Back to the controller, here's the manual and a USB-B to USB-A cable that was at the bottom of the box. The USB-B port is on the left side of the controller.


And here's the controller out of its plastic wrapping:


The top is reflective because there's a transparent layer. I could unscrew the top, take photos from every angle or even show the controller in action, but I'll leave that to the bunch of videos online.

I did have a go at playing SDVX CLOUD with the controller — all you need to do is plug in the controller and start the game and you're good to go (but make sure to plug in the controller before launching the game). I had a lot of fun playing charts that made extensive use of knobs.

I haven't had much opportunity to play on the arcade so it's hard to compare, but the knobs felt looser than I remember. I got used to it pretty quickly though, so this wasn't a problem. The issues I did have, however, pertained to the buttons.

First of all, the buttons were a little loud during gameplay. Maybe it's because in an arcade the loud music makes it hard to notice, or maybe my laptop speaker was just too soft. Hearing the button clicks doesn't annoy me though, but it's something worth noting. I do have proper speakers at home, so I might try using that some time.

Secondly, perhaps it was because I was playing too closely, but the BT buttons were bright. Especially if you had to press all four at once. I was playing on a small laptop screen so the blue light sometimes made the chart hard to read — I'll have to experiment with the relative positions of things and seeing if I can find a large monitor for playing.


Thirdly and finally, my controller's BT-A button is... slightly sticky. Konami actually acknowledged the button stickiness problem with some controllers on the same day Nexta was added, and I had hoped that the issue wouldn't affect me. Fortunately this isn't a deal-breaker since it doesn't affect gameplay for me that often, but it's a bit of a bummer for an otherwise really nice controller. One of the videos I linked earlier is actually a guide for remedying the stickiness with silicone spray, so if it starts to annoy me I might have to get a little DIY.

Having said all of that, I am most definitely enjoying SDVX CLOUD with the controller, and I'm very glad I was able to obtain it. As a parting gift, here are close-ups of the text in the centre and on the front of the controller (ignore the reflected Splatoon patterns).