TANO*C Store Fukubukuro 2018

I'm not usually one for fukubukuro, or "lucky bags", which are grab bags of mystery contents sold at a discounted price typically around New Year's. Viewed cynically, they're predominantly a way for companies to sell excess stock, and it can be disconcerting not knowing what you're going to get (although I suppose that's also part of the appeal). If the company chooses the bag contents well though, it can be a win-win situation for both customer and company.

Comiket 93 had happened at the end of last December, and for once there were a few CD releases I wanted to pick up (1, 2, 3). I decided to nab these CDs from the TANO*C store, which is a great place for purchasing music by doujin artists.

As I was checking out I noticed that TANO*C was offering a fukubukuro of music CDs for ¥2160 due to the New Year. Figuring that I'd be okay with basically anything TANO*C gave me, and with the price seeming quite reasonable, I popped the lucky bag into my cart.

The page for the fukubukuro is currently down, but the description read:


Or in English:

This is the TANO*C Fukubukuro 2018.
It contains 4-5 CDs of some sort.
It occasionally contains hits (misses) of some sort.

The result for me, as you can see from the photo above:

Total: ¥6480 (exactly three times the fukubukuro cost).

I was unsurprised to find that I didn't know many of the artists involved, although there were a number I recognised from their contributions to various BEMANI rhythm games (with Voice 2 Voice in MAD CHILD's album being the one song I recognised, though it is a remix here). What surprised me more were the release dates for the CDs — I had expected all of them to be several years old, but the oldest CD of the batch came out less than 3 years ago. I guess the TANO*C Store does a good job of cycling their inventory.

I haven't yet listened to all the CDs so I can't name any surprise favourites, but from first impressions I can say... Yeah, I was right when I said that I'd be okay with basically anything TANO*C gave me, namely mostly electronica (which is right up my SOUND VOLTEX alley).