This is the personal blog of a Japanese anime and game lover, puzzler and programmer.

Since this is a personal blog, there won't be any central themes to be what I post. However, since I'll be sharing whatever I feel like posting about, as of 2018 this is likely to be one of:

  • Puzzles (crosswords, puzzle hunts, etc.)
  • Programming (Python snippets, learning web dev, etc.)
  • Games (especially rhythm games, and in particular SOUND VOLTEX)
  • Anime, manga, light novels and other Japanese media
  • My adventures with the Japanese language, including translations

This blog will also occasionally serve as an outlet for posting particularly niche puzzles requiring pop culture knowledge which did not feel appropriate for posting elsewhere.

If you have any questions or wish to contact me for any other reason, you can email me at “contact​ @ ​[this domain]”.

Note: The "advertisement" images are all made by me, and are jokes or things I want to support rather than real advertisements that generate revenue. Having said that, I'm not affiliated with any linked sites on the other end.