A Random Collection of Virtual YouTuber Videos

I never really blogged in the back half of 2018 since I was busy with various puzzle constructing, projects and so forth, but if I had to summarise one interest I had throughout the year via videos which I relate with the most and with no explanation whatsoever...

I'm sure

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Aoi 5☆ in Priconne

I didn't think I'd still be playing Princess Connect! Re:Dive, but sure enough finally after two months...


This is sort of special to me because Aoi's not a character that gets used a lot due to her rather lacklustre abilities but... I have my reasons for liking Aoi.

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VOEZ PЯayStation Easy Chart Parodies Other Rhythm Games

I had intended to make a rhythm gaming April Fools wrap-up post, but VOEZ's PЯayStation easy chart makes me so happy that I decided to make a separate post just for it.

PЯayStation is just the existing song PrayStation with three new charts — last year VOEZ did something similar with

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TANO*C Store Fukubukuro 2018

I'm not usually one for fukubukuro, or "lucky bags", which are grab bags of mystery contents sold at a discounted price typically around New Year's. Viewed cynically, they're predominantly a way for companies to sell excess stock, and it can be disconcerting not knowing what you're going to

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